Spy Pack

Spy Pack Spy Pack Spy Pack

Spy Pack Straight from Q Branch of BrickArms, the BrickArms Spy Pack takes minifig espionage to the next level! The perfect kit of accessories for any minifig in deep cover, the BrickArms Spy Pack includes tools for covert action as well as heavy weaponry for tactical strikes. Included exclusively in this pack: the legendary Golden Gun! Also includes the Precision Sniper Rifle (PSR), Tactical PDW, Combat SMG, Spy Pistol, Spy Carbine, Ammo Clip, Combat Knife, M23 SOCOM, Bipod, and 4 M67 Grenades.

Цена: 600.00 Руб
временно недоступно для заказа

zanzombi, 16.08.2013
Ангмар2003г, 27.06.2013
Вообще вышка!
danil_krutoy_2002123, 08.07.2012
очень круто!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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